August 14, 2014

Dear Ms. Bewick,

I appreciate you contacting me and it would be my greatest pleasure to provide a testimonial regarding Dr. Christopher Samujh.

First, I would like to extend my upmost gratitude to Dr. Christopher Samujh for the care and treatment he provided to me in the fall of last year.

At 35 years old, I unfortunately had to undergo a left hip replacement through another orthopedic office secondary to AVN.

The last couple years I have had great difficulty with pain, walking and keeping up with my family due to right hip pain. In September 2013, I had a flare up in my right hip and after 3-days of increasing pain and an inability to walk I needed help in a hurry. I thought if I went to the hospital they would only give me meds and refer me to my orthopedic physician (who couldn't see me until the next week) prolonging any relief I might be able to receive. So, I stopped at the SOS Injury Center on my way home from work - which proved to be the best decision I could have made. This is where I met Dr. Samujh. His kindness, compassion, and concerns at that time was a true blessing. After having x-rays, Dr. Samujh informed me that I needed a right hip replacement. He provided me with a medrol dose pack and recommended I return the following week if I wished to undergo surgery.

At this point, I was devastated having already undergone a left hip replacement 6-years prior and remembering the recovery which was somewhat difficult. I really did not want to have to relive it again, but I knew there was no way I could work and participate with my family considering the amount of pain I was in, and being unable to walk more than three steps without holding onto something.

After taking the medication and having no lasting relief, I met with Dr. Samujh a week later to discuss surgery. At first I was hesitant because I just met him but I just felt this overwhelming feeling of comfort with Dr. Samujh. I just kept remembering how he showed so much concern and was so kind to me at the Injury Center the week before.

During this visit, Dr. Samujh had the patience of a saint and took his time explaining my condition, and procedures that could be done. After our discussion, I chose to undergo an anterior right hip replacement. Two weeks later, I underwent a right hip replacement by Dr. Samujh. He visited me frequently while I was in the hospital to make sure my pain level was under control. Although the first week you feel lousy, I was actually back to work the second week. To anyone needing a hip replacement, an anterior approach is the way to go. The recovery is much faster and less painful.

Post operatively, I met with Dr. Samujh at his office several times for check-ups and he was just as amazing as the first day I met him.

Overall, I am so impressed with Dr. Samujh's bed side manner, care for my well being, and the overall quality of a physician he is. He always greets you with a smile, and I am grateful to have him as my physician.

I truly believe Dr. Samujh is an unbelievable asset to Scranton Orthopaedic Specialists. His personality, demeanor, and care for his patients is a breath of fresh air. I have recommended many family members and friends to Dr. Samujh since last fall and would not hesitate to refer anyone to him.

In addition, I have worked for a private rehabilitation company for the past 12+ years and we highly recommend SOS to the injured workers we work with. I have nothing but good things to say about all the physicians and staff at your office. We have received great feedback from our nurse case managers and their patients about SOS physicians and especially Dr. Samujh. It sounds like our patients see the same qualities in Dr. Samujh as I do. But most importantly, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to SOS for welcoming Dr Samujh into your practice.

I have since transferred all my medical care (hips and knees) to Dr. Samujh/SOS just because of the comfort level I feel with Dr. Samujh as well as the kind and courteous treatment received by the SOS staff.

Best wishes for a healthy and prosperous remainder of 2014.

Shannon Prompovitch